Our Corporate Finance Consulting Services Help Companies Secure the Capital They Need to Thrive and Grow

The ability to raise capital effectively is integral to a company's continued growth and sustenance, whether for purchasing or leasing equipment, building inventory, debt financing, property investments, or to cover seasonal operating expenses.

Pathway Capital's corporate finance consultants know the lending options available on the market and understand the strategies to secure debt capital and financing for your business. We specialize in arranging credit facilities for companies that are undergoing changes in their business, who seek alternate financing options to meet their needs, or those who seek more favorable terms with their current lenders.

Positioning Your Company for the Best Lending Solution

Pathway Capital's advisory professionals have a long and successful track record of developing and implementing innovative solutions to solve complex issues, such as: creating liquidity, positioning for a specific event, reducing monthly cash requirements, freeing up or tapping into equity. In so doing, we position your company to execute on management's short- and long-term plans.

We will conduct a comprehensive review of your company to assess your current situation-all with an eye on presenting your company and management team in the best light to lenders. We delve into your financials to see how we can leverage assets and correct issues that are barriers to funding. Common problems are using the line of credit to finance capital improvements or make long-term depreciable purchases; or carrying debt on the business when it is actually on the real estate.

We also know how crucial it is to maintain a good, open line of communication between the borrower and lender to ensure the transaction closes. That includes making sure all the paperwork is properly prepared and filed, and acting as liaison between clients and financial institutions throughout the entire process.

Strong Relationships with a Network of Lenders

Having been in this business a long time, we have developed strong relationships with a diverse network of lenders.

As part of our advisory capacity, we bring our expertise in lending and credit to bear on every engagement. We work closely with you throughout the entire transaction to make sure you are well prepared to present your needs and your business goals to prospective lenders.

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